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Clay Roofing Tiles slider art HOMES BY NATURE Besclay tiles and bricks bring all of
the benefits of clay along with the aesthetics of modern design.
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Clay Floor Tiles
About Our Company


Besclay innovates upon India's traditional red clay brick manufacturing process as an alternative to conventional bricks used in the infrastructure industry. The easy to handle & maintain clay bricks are lightweight, environment friendly and add a modern twist to traditional structural designs.
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Besclay products are designed to suit the earthy aesthetic of contemporary homes all the while being a zero waste environment-friendly choice of building material.

Roofing Tiles
Clay roofing tiles are the oldest and most popular choice of roofing in Indian homes, owing to their ease of maintenance, thermal insulation and long-lasting quality.
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Flooring Tiles
Clay floor tiles have low water absorption, are anti-skid and can be used in interiors, exteriors, balcony and open terraces. Available in several designs and colours.
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Terrace Tiles
Temperature proof tiles made with inter-connectable air ventilators that facilitate airflow & release hot air, ensuring maximum cooling to the house & beautiful terrace floors.
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Wall Bricks
Clay bricks are a popular building choice again, due to its lightweight, thermal & sound insulation & cost-effective properties. They are mason friendly and prompts faster construction.
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Patterned, hollow bricks are used for partition walls and half walls. It allows ample light to pass through the walls and lends an earthy aesthetic to homes.
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Ceiling Tiles
The visually appealing clay ceiling tiles are installed beneath the roofing tiles to increase thermal insulation and to hide the underlying sheets. This makes the roofing 100% leak and waterproof.
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Clay Floor Tiles

Why Choose Besclay

  • Sustainable Material
  • Mason-friendly
  • Faster Construction
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Less Water Absorption
  • Long-lasting
  • Sound Insulation
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What People Say

Besclay Bricks have low water absorption with the right structuring and yet requires way less cement & concrete, giving the traditional Indian structural designs a modern outlook. It’s the most sought after material for sustainable & summer-friendly housing.

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